Divorce & Family Law

Family Law Bakersfield - By having the right attorney with you in family courts you will be better prepared and avoid costly mistakes. Family courts are for divorce, custody and support obligations to name just a few of the types of family law.

We here at Thompson Law are seasoned veterans in the Bakersfield court system and ready to assist you today with your unique situation.

Family Law


Family Law
Family law mixes the complexities of legal procedures with elevated human emotions and concerns. As a result, when seeking legal aid, you need someone who is experienced in handling all family legal affairs. Learn More on Family law
Spousal Support/Alimony
Ending a long term marriage can be devastating. As well it may bring financial issues. If you relied in your spouse income through the marriage, and find yourself hopeless with no support; our attorney can help you fight for your needs as of receiving spousal support weather its permanent or temporary.
Divorce Law
Many legal aspects must be addressed when terminating a marriage. A separation can bring a lot of stress in to a person life, especially if children are involved. Our Thompson Law understands how difficult and delicate it can be. Attorney Thompson, has all the potential and skills to assist you, throughout these terms and have a successful outcome.
Child Custody
Child Custody/visitation can bring many upsetting fights between parties. Our attorney knows best how to assist you and grant you the correct visitation, weather your fighting for holiday visitation, summer visitation or simply you want to spend more time with your children. Our attorney at Thompson Law would be gladly to assist you and grant what you request.
Child Support
California has some of the highest child support guidelines in the United States. The right to receive child support is valuable because, unlike spousal support, child support is not taxable to the recipient or deductible by the payor. People who pay child support are often frustrated because trial courts typically refuse to listen when the paying party complains that the child support being paid is not being used for the child.
Guardianships are available to give adults a chance to take care of children whose parents are unable to take care of the kids themselves. In some situations, a biological parent may abuse drugs or alcohol and be unfit to act as parents. In other situations, a single parent may be leaving soon to serve in the war.
Premarital Agreements
A premarital agreement (prenup) can serve to define the separate property estates of both a husband and wife and define who will receive what assets in the event of a divorce. A prenup can define what each spouse will get at the death of the other spouse by dealing with inheritance and estate planning issues. Lastly, a legally valid prenup can define how much, if any, spousal support a spouse would be entitled to in the event of a divorce. A prenup cannot determine, however, any issues with regard to child support or child custody; and a prenup cannot alter the legal requirement that spouses support one another with the necessities of life.
Domestic Violence/Child Abuse
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Court Orders
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Adopting A Child
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What do family law attorneys do?
Family law attorneys provide legal advice, representation, document preparation services to name just a few. A lawyer should be certified in the state to practice law which can be verified online.
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What is the purpose of Family Courts?
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What are the most common cases seen in family court?
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Can you get a divorce without a lawyer? If so, how?
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